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    Founded in 2005, Shandong Tiankaixing New Material Technology Co.,Ltd specialized in the production of activated alumina, molecular sieve, chemical packings and refractory materials. Now the annual output value reaches nearly 80 million RMB. Based on our excellent equipment, high quality control and good reputation, Tiankaixing has become the most advanced activated alumina production base in domestic market. Meanwhile, our company has established international cooperation with purchasers from USA, India, South Korea, Singapore, Russia and other countries.

    Since established, Tiankaixing continuously adhere to the principle that “all for customers, for all customers, for customers'all ” and take the “passion, innovation, development” as the management idea. The company constructs central laboratory and get technical support from Shandong University of Technology and Qingdao University of Technology to assure our products are able to conform the national standards or even higher.

    Different uses in different areas. Our products can be widely applied in various industries. For example, desiccant in air separation plant, deflournating agent in water treatment, absorbent in hydrogen peroxide solution, deep dryer in petrochemical industry, all kind of catalyst carriers, and so on. Our relentless focus on quality control and performance guarantees a dependable first class product in every delivery.

    On geography, we enjoy a convenient location, where three expressways crossing here that transportation extends all over the country. Nearing some famous harbors like Qingdao, Shanghai and Tianjin, the shipping lines provide a global coverage.

    Shandong Tiankaixing New Materials Thechnology Co., Ltd  is a solution-oriented company dedicated to servicing your needs. We are committed to excellence in activated alumina, molecular sieve, packing and refractory materials production as well as customer service by delivering the highest quality products. Partner with us because we are your reliable partner.



    Shandong Tiankaixing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd
    +86 533 3784567
    +86 533 2795959
    High-technology Zone, Zibo City, Shandong, China